Tuesday, 21 April 2009

At last some news!

I've been trying to persuade mum to get another post on here for ages but she keeps saying there's no news. But there's always news........like the seagull us three doods caught on the beach (mum called us 'gross'!!!) and my new haircut which made me feel so much better and all the new friends I've made going to work everyday.......!! But finally mum reckons we really do have news!
Mum's been out of action for ages now and unable to take me for walks but at last she has been able to at least come out and play in the garden with me (albeit with her crutch) and the other night she took me out on my lead for my last pee of the day. I was so pleased and I was really good and didn't pull at all in case she fell over again! Anyway, mum said she is getting an operation next Tuesday which is going to make her leg straight so she can begin walking properly again. I don't really understand this operation thingy but anything that means mum is going to get better is fantastic! She says once she's recovered she'll have to start with just little walks with me first until her knee gets strong again. But I don't care - I just want to go on walks with my mum again (not that I don't adore Kirsty cos I do, and everyone knows I love playing with Angel and Sam, but mum is really special to me). So I'm keeping all my paws crossed for next Tuesday!
Our other news is not so good. I asked mum to put a picture of Toby and Ben on here today because it's about them.
As you know Ben is an old man now (he's 13) and his sight hasn't been good for ages but it has got worse lately. He's been following mum around really closely and getting snappy with the rest of us and we thought he was just being possessive of mum, being home with her all day and everything. But mum just realised he can't see very well at all now and that's why he's like that. She thinks it's because he knows all of us doods are there but he can't read our body language properly to know that we're just having fun so he tells us off. Also we make him jump a lot because he doesn't see us coming (I do that all the time - sorry Ben). When he was out on Arthurs Seat with us doods and Kirsty the other day he ran off in a panic, even though we were all nearby, because he couldn't see us. So now mum says he's going to have to stay on a flexi-lead when he's out with all of us. Poor Ben. He seems happy though and he's still very fit - he can run about with us lot fine, he just sleeps really well afterwards! Mum said she's going to read up on blind and partially sighted dogs so that we can do all we can to help him. I do just keep forgetting though and then I get a mouthful from Ben when I jump over him and gve him a fright......!!!
Now, about Toby (grandma's dog). Poor, poor Toby got bitten by an adder yesterday and grandma and mum were really worried about him. I didn't know what an adder was but mum explained it to me. I don't like the sound of them but mum said they're very nice really, you just don't want to get bitten by one. Anyway grandma and Toby were having a lovely walk up Cleeve hill near where they live when Toby came up hobbling with a sore paw. Very quickly he got all tired and floppy and his paw got huge where he had got bitten. Poor grandma was on her own and couldn't lift Toby and had to wrap him in her jumper and drag him along the ground as best she could until a nice lady came along to help. She had a big car that could go across hills so she went and got it and fetched Toby off the hill so grandma could take him to the vet. Then he had to have a special injection to deal with the snake poison and other injections to help him too. Mum said it sounded as though he was really poorly and everyone was very worried about him. Anyway grandma phoned this morning and said he is a little bit better thank goodness but will have to stay at the vets for a while yet. So I'm sending big doodle kisses to Toby and grandma today.
Phew, that was a lot of news - mum was right! But I nearly forgot to tell you about yesterday. I helped mum tidy the shed up! It was great fun. It was a lovely sunny day so mum took me outside with her and put me on a long line (tied to the gate) so I couldn't get up to mischief!!! Ha ha she should have known better!!! She had a huge cover she put out to air to I ran off with it and threw it around all over the place and then got all tangled up in it. Mum laughed and laughed at me! Then I helped her empty out the shed but I don't think she really wanted all the things taken out of it and got a bit cross after a while. Anyway then we had lots of cuddles and some more play before we went back inside. And I had had a lovely day!!!

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