Wednesday, 27 May 2009

EDCH Sponsored Walk

Hi there! This first picture is me waiting for the sponsored walk to start last Sunday! All the staff and some other keen folk, along with loads of us canines did a walk all the way from the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home at Seafield to Musselburgh. The other pictures show us all at the halfway stop. Boy was it a hot day to be doing a long walk on. But it was all in a good cause because people were paying us to do it! Well, not really paying us, but giving money to buy agility equipment for the poor dogs that are stuck in there with no forever homes to go to yet. I didn't know what 'agility equipment' meant but mum told me it's things like jumps and tunnels and poles to weave in and out of. I told my mum it sounded lots of fun so she set up some of Angel's jumps in the garden for me the other day and I had a great time. Though mum laughed and said I jump like a Kangaroo! Ha ha! Anyway, I'm so glad that all these other dogs who don't have lovely families are going to be able to have some fun now. As I said, lots of folk turned up for the walk and, thank goodness, we had some water stops on the way - especially when we reached Musselburgh. We walked along the beach promenade as far as we could and lots of people stopped to look at us and some put money in the collecting tins. One or two people didn't look too happy and a few looked confused (well we must have looked quite a sight) but overall most people looked very happy to see us all walking along. Mum couldn't join in the walk herself so someone else took me but she saw us off at the start and was there to cheer us when we got almost as far as the home again. Some of us got a quick swim to cool us off before we got all the way back so that was fun too. And when we got back into the home we had big bowls of water and lovely treats while the humans got hot and cold drinks and biscuits too. We don't know how much was raised yet but I hope it'll be loads!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Walkies with mum and a visit from Toby!

Do you like this pic of me with Angel? We were sunning ourselves on mum's bed but then we started to play and messed it all up so she threw us off it! She did laugh though.
Toby came up for a week's holiday - that's him in the picture with Ben - and he's fine now after his snake bite thank goodness. He showed us his paw and it was all shaved by the vet and you could still see the bite marks. We all told him how brave he was and how worried we all were about him. I think he liked that! I got to meet my human grandma for the first time too and she really liked me, I'm glad to say. She liked my cuddles especially, but I think she thought I was a bit rough on the beach. Well I can't help getting so excited can I?!

Ben is doing fine but he does struggle with all of us doods around. Mum says it's all a bit much for him now, but I don't quite get what it is about us that is too much for him...... He does get very grumpy with us sometimes though. He still played with us when he came with us to the beach the other day, so that was fun. Sometimes he just stands and stares into space and that spooks me a bit. Mum gives him extra cuddles when he does that, like she feels sorry for him. Still, she always finds time to give me lots of cuddles too!
At last mum's been able to walk (still with one crutch) well enough to take me for a wee walk - YIPPEE!!!!! We had to go really slowly together and I kept watching her to see that she was ok but it was so exciting. I knew she was nervous of falling over so I tried really really hard to go slowly and carefully. I did forget a bit when I saw another poochie friend I wanted to play with so Kirsty took my lead then so I could say hello without mum worrying. It's early days but it is definitely a good start. I hope it wont be too long before she takes me out properly again. It's so much fun being out everyday with Kirsty and the doods Angel and Sam but I want my mum back!!!
Yesterday mum managed to walk all the way down to the Dog and Cat home where we work (well Kirsty does - we just play and supervise!) just to see me in the big paddock at lunchtime. I thought that was lovely, though I was too busy chasing Angel and Sam to have cuddles!
My fur is growing back all curly again and mum is trying to decide whether to get me another hair cut! But there is a doodle day coming up in June and I think she wants me to look a bit fluffy for that for some reason. Angel and Sam told me all about last years doodle day in a place called Dundee and it sounds great fun. Just imagine - a whole park full of us crazy doodles. Wow - I can't wait. I just thought - maybe I'll get to see my brother Herbie again too - that would be fantastic!!! I'll be keeping my paws crossed that he'll be there!