Sunday, 1 February 2009

Brrr. it's a cold cold day

Would you believe it we went to the beach today. Brrr. Snow is forecast, it's freezing and the waves were wild. I mean, really wild! So do we just settle for a wee walk to the golf course or the park? No. We all toddle down to the beach again. And did we enjoy ourselves? YES YES YES of course we did!!! Sam and I had a brilliant chase and lots of rough and tumble play. Mum deliberately wasn't throwing the ball into the water so we ran in anyway and jumped over the waves as they came crashing in. Mum said we were mad but it was fun. Ben just stayed walking with mum agreeing with her of course! Now we're all inside keeping warm and still drying off. Annette the dog walker's taking us out tomorrow - so I wonder if it will be Arthurs Seat or the beach? I'll have to wait and see. Sometimes she has a wee pooch who's allergic to grass (can you imagine?), poor thing, so then it has to be the beach but then other times she likes to get us somewhere a bit different so we head up Arthur's Seat where it's pretty well all grass.

I thought I'd let you see a picture of all of us this time - our family. You know, I can't believe it's February already and I've been with my 'new' family for 4 months and it's fantastic!!!!


  1. thought i better put a wee post here to Teddy, in case your mum doesn't see my message on Januarys blog.

    auntie jan

  2. Thanks Auntie Jan - mum and I are still finding our way around the whole blogging thing but we're having fun with it!