Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day

Well this, so I'm told, is Valentine's day and it's all about love! Yeah right! I barked to go out this morning when Kirsty was leaving to go to work with Angel and Sam and what do I hear from mum but 'shut up and lie down Teddy - it's Saturday'. Like that makes any difference to my bladder. Then she remembers she's meant to be all sloppy about love today and tries to give me a big hug. Well you try standing still and getting squashed when you're bursting for a pee!! She got up eventually and took me and Ben out. I don't know how quiet old Ben managed without me before. But what a cheek, just when I thought our day was getting started she went back to bed with a cuppa!!

We went out at half nine as usual though to pick up Kerouak and I tried to give her valentine licks but she wasn't having any of it! In fact she kept bullying me for ages on the beach just in case I got any 'valentine's ideas'! Fat chance. She got over it though and we ended up having a brilliant chase on the beach and in the water and splashed mum loads of times. It was very dull but much warmer than it has been so we stayed out for AGES! My brother Herbie even sent me a text while we were there and he thought we'd have been home by then. This time next week we will have met - COOL!

I can't wait for mum to read me what it says on doggysnaps tonight. Shadow and I are going on a 'virtual date' and someone called Jacky has made a fantastic photo of the two of us as you can see up above! (These humans really are NUTS!!!!). It's all fun though. Well, valentines or not I thnk me, my mum and Ben are havng a quiet night in. She was invited to a party but she said she doesn't feel like going and she lost the invitation........mmmm, thinks, I wonder where that could have gone to....???? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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