Thursday, 19 February 2009

My friend Kerouac and more about Herbie

Me and my friend Kerouak!

Kerouak's another doodle and is Angel's sister. These lovely photos were taken by her mum, so thank you very much, Kerouac's mum. She managed to get photos of my mum too (clever woman because mum would have hidden if she'd known!). I love going to the beach with Kerouac because she likes to play rough just like me and when mum starts walking away from the sea - which she does when she thinks we need to start drying off a bit - Kerouac looks at me, looks at the sea, and then gets me to chase her right back into the sea again!!! Sometimes she runs off a wee bit just to say hello to other dogs and check them out but she always comes running back and jumps at me to play again. She's G R E A T fun and I'm so glad she comes to the beach with us every Saturday!

I hope she's not too disappointed next Saturday though because mum's going to take her home early after just a shortish play on the beach. But I think she'll understand because it's for a very good reason: my brother Herbie is coming through from Glasgow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!

Mum said we're going to meet on the beach so that Herbie and I can have a really good play and chase and make up for lost time (we've not seen each other since we were tiny puppies!). I can't wait to tell you all about it and to show you all the photos. I'm looking forward to meeting Auntie Jan again too. I think she's lots of fun and when mum's on the phone to her she laughs all the time, which is nice. This is the message that Auntie Jan left me on my blog:

Hi Teddy its fantastic to see you. you won't remember me, but I was very nearly your mum. I see you're confused by this so I will explain. When your mum Coco and your dad Jake gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies, I was first to pick one. It was touch and go between yourself and our scruffy pup Herbie. At the last moment herbie took a liking to my husbands beard and that sealed the deal. I'm so pleased to see you have a fantastic home, with pets who obviously love you as much as I love Herbie (wild thing) McDoodle. It would be great if you guys could get together. Ask your mum to log on to Doodle Times. We can be found there posting nonsense most days. You are one handsome doodle. Big kiss from your Auntie Jan. xxx

Isn't it funny how he's called Herbie "Wild Thing" McDoodle because mum's always said my 'Sunday name' is Teddy Bear McDoodle!!!! How about that! It all has worked out so well because mum talks with Jan on the phone, on Doggysnaps and on Doodle Times now and I'm going to meet Herbie very soon and we're going to play, play, play!!!

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