Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dancing on Ice - Teddy style!

It's a shame it is still too dark first thing in the morning to take photos because then I could show you pictures of me dancing on ice! Instead I"ve shown a picture of me and Sam watching 'Dancing on Ice' on TV!
This week has been lots of fun on the golf course with the wee pools of water completely frozen over. Normally I can run and jump on them so that they crack and break up and then I can splash around in them which is great fun. But this week they have been frozen solid - especially one big pool. So I ran across it sliding and dancing and having a great time. I rolled around on it too, all the time sliding across it and mum laughing away at my antics! The ground has been really hard too and so I've stopped knocking mum over because I realised that I hurt her the other day, though I didn't mean too. I think she's been a bit scared of me running towards her, too, and I don't want that - I just want us to play together.

Mum said I was very good at Lynn the dog lady's class on Tuesday. I can 'sit' and 'stay' and go 'down' when she wants me too (as long as she has a treat in her hand - after all, why else would I do it?). I think I'm getting the hang of 'stand' though I don't really get why she's tellng me to do what I do all the time anyway. Our humans are really odd at times. Lynn wanted our mums and dads to stroke us while we were lying down to make us all calm (yeah right, me - calm?) and all the others were just lying there. But me, well, I thought we could have some fun here, so I rolled about to have my tummy rubbed and scratched my back on the floor and generally had FUN! Mum laughed though she told me she wasn't supposed to!

First thing yesterday morning mum let me and Ben out into the garden for a piddle and a poo and she went back to bed for a bit with a cup of tea. She's been very tired this week, she told me, so she wanted to have a gentler start to her day. Well I know the word 'gentle' because she's been teaching me, so when we came in again I sat beside her being really calm and gentle, and we watched all the birds getting their breakfast at the feeder outside. Then mum put her hand on my head and whispered to me to stay quiet and still and I watched as a sort of dog, and yet not quite a dog, came into our garden. Mum said our visitor was called a fox and that he was probably quite hungry to be out in daylight like that, but he didn't stay long enough for mum to put any food out for him. I was a bit worried though because thought mum was going to put my breakfast out for him instead of me but she didn't. I think she was going to put some cat food out instead! Hehehe, bet those cats will be jealous!!

Mum took Ben, Kerouac (our neighbour) and me to the beach again today. I think we're going to have Kerouac every Saturday now for our beach walk. We went a long way this time, right from one end to the other and back and met loads of new dogs again. Most of them were really fun and we had lots of romps and chases. Best of all, though, was that Kerouac and I had so much fun together chasing and wrestling and jumping the waves as they came crashing in. I think we're going to be best friends now, along with Ben, Angel and Sam of course.

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