Saturday, 14 February 2009

Cheering up mum on Friday night!

Today mum was feeling a bit down. I knew it by the way she came in from work with a heavy walk and she sighed a lot. She said the house was cold because the central heating had got turned off by the cat, who had leant on the switch while trying to reach down into a freshly chewed mouse hole in the wall!!!!!!!!!! And it was Friday the 13th but she said she's not superstitious really.

Anyway, I thought to myself 'I'm a doodle, and what can doodles do REALLY well?' and straight away I knew the answer was 'make people laugh'! So I set out to cheer mum up and make her laugh. First I raided the bin in the kitchen that's full of squashed up boxes and things that smell really good and thought I'd bring something nice from there, but one of the boxes got stuck on my head and when I pranced around to try to get it off I heard mum laughing! That's better I thought, so I kept bringing mum lots of thngs till she told me to stop.

Then mum decided to tidy her bedroom so I thought I'd give her a hand with that. I helped her get rid of a box of tissues by chewing it up into lots of little bits and then I hid it under the bed because mum had made some space under there. I discovered that although I'm big I can still squash up into little spaces and that it's fun trying to do that! I tried to hide from mum for fun but I couldn't quite get my bottom in and got all excited so I think my tail was wagging and gave me away! Mum laughed SO loud - until she found the tissues. Oh dear, I think she wanted them for herself. Mum sat down on the bed with another one of those big sighs so I thought 'Teddy boy - drastic acton needed here' so I jumped on top of her and gave her a HUGE doodle cuddle!!! Oh, and I'd just had a drink of water so I think my beard gave her a wash too!!

Still, it all cheered mum up and now she's cooking her tea so it's time for me to work on those big puppy eyes and sitting nicely looking sweet..... it works a treat everytime!!!!!!!!

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