Thursday, 12 February 2009

Really Good News!!!

I just have to write about my good news. Well you know I was already fairly grown up when I came to live with my mum and, although I had fun at my last home, I don't remember much about when I was just a wee puppy. My mum told me about my doodle mum and dad because she looked them up on Tora Labradoodles (and my previous humans told me their names)but I don't remember them or my brothers and sisters.
Well - and here's the GREAT news - thanks mostly to the doggysnaps website (and, I think, this blog!) I've been found by my brother HERBIE and his mum, auntie Jan!!!!!!
Oh, and Jackie from Tora Labradoodles told them where I was too so that was good.

Anyway, Auntie Jan and mum have been talking on the phone and by email non stop!!
Herbie is now on doggysnaps too so we're going to have LOTS of fun there. My kennel is called 'Jacqui&Ben' and Herbie's is called 'groover' if you want to see us there. He looks really like me too (what a handsome boy!!!).

Auntie Jan is going to bring Herbie over to Edinburgh a week on Saturday so we can meet and play on the beach together and have mad doodle fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to tell you all about it and show you photos.....
Bye for now, love Teddy McDoodle

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  1. hi Teddy
    i can't wait to come and see your beach and meet your mum. (she sounds very cool) my mum has been telling anyone who will listen all about it. (most are now only pretending to listen, but she doesn't care) its a pity you couldn't make the wee mini doodle meet today, it was lots of fun. i got to jump in the water and break all the ice and i also got to roll my head in mud.i looked great afterward, but that woman insisted on giving me ANOTHER bath.
    see you soon
    Herbie (wild thing) Mcdoodle