Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A bit about Tara

My mum has lots of doggy pictures on her wall - mostly of all of us that live in the house now - but some of the pictures are of this beautiful white dog. So I've been asking mum about these pictures. She told me that Tara was a girl and was her and Kirsty's first family dog together. She was always up to mischief but was very very gentle and loved getting attention. Mum said Tara was eveyone's friend and everybody loved her! She was also Ben's best friend and that poor old Ben has never quite been the same since she died. I didn't know that before and I'm going to try to be especially nice to my 'big brother' now! She was nine and had always been healthy when, one morning, she suddenly had a funny turn (which turned out to be a heart attack) and she had to be rushed to the vets. He found she had a massive lump inside her (called a tumour) and she died the same day while she was having an operation. Mum and Kirsty don't like to talk about that or they still both end up crying. But they do talk about Tara's life though and she seems to have done lots of things that make them smile. Tara made them very happy and has given them some great memories. Of course, that's MY job now!!! I told mum that I'd like to have some pictures of Tara here on my blog as a tribute to this lovely girl......

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