Saturday, 28 March 2009

Well this is me with my new look!!! I had it done while mum was away so I think she got a shock when she saw me! Loads and loads of my hair came off and there was a huge pile of it on the floor! It does feel much better though and mum says I feel all velvety and soft.

I missed mum when she was away even though I had lots of fun with Kirsty and her doods, Angel and Sam. When mum got back on Monday night I followed her around everywhere just in case she disappeared again. Typically, the first thing Ben did when he got back was put me in my place! I couldn't believe it, I was so pleased to see him too!

While they were away Kirsty was on holiday too and I got to go to lots of different places - especially Arthur's Seat. I got so muddy then shook it all over Kirsty and her friend!! Because it was so sunny we played in the garden a lot too and the three of us romped around for ages while Kirsty sat in the sun. She had lots of tasty treats for us too which we got before we went back inside. We were too tired in the evening to get up to much but we did go for some nice walks on our leads. When it came to bedtime, Kirsty knew I'd miss my mum more at night so she let me sneak onto her bed which was very kind of her.

Except for the week's holiday, I've been going to work nearly everyday with Kirsty since mum hurt her knee. I feel very grown up when I walk down the road beside Angel and Sam, knowing I'm going to work. At the beginning Angel and Sam had to tell me who everyone was and what we were going to do, but now I know everyone it's great. I get lots of attention and the other staff come and talk to me while we're in our kennel and run, then at lunchtime we all get to play in the big paddock. The best bit though is when we get to go to the beach with lots of other dogs and we all go mad splashing in the sea and chasing around. By the time I come home to see mum and Ben I'm pretty tired and love to just cuddle up.

I know mum misses all our walks and feels bad that she can't take me but I try and let her know that it's ok. When I get home I rush in to see her and jump all over her, then I settle down and snuggle up. I'm even allowed to sneak onto her bed for a little while too! All in all - life is pretty good!!!

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