Thursday, 5 March 2009

Doodle Meets and Doggysnaps Winners

I thought I'd tell you something about the slideshow my mum just put on the previous post. Last Saturday we had great fun when folk from the web site Doodle Times (see my list of favourite web sites below) came through to Edinburgh to meet on MY beach! We had a fantastic time - there were quite a few of us doodles in all different shapes and sizes and we just ran and ran and splashed and chased and jumped and lots of treats!!! All the time our mums and dads just stood there and talked - how boring! But at least they were just letting us get on with the important stuff. Kerouac came down and joined us too, so I was pleased to see my good friend and introduce her to the mad gang. Not that she needed much introducing- she was straight in there. There were only two sad bits to it: my doodle cousins Sam and Angel couldn't come because Kirsty was working (she's promised they'll come next time!) and (the REALLY sad bit) Herbie couldn't make it because Auntie Jan was working too. I so want to see and play with Herbie again - I hope it'll be soon.

My other bit of news is that Herbie and I are keeping the doodle profile up in Doggysnaps (my other favourite website)! They have photo competitions each month and I won the 'Snowy Snaps' one and Herbie won 'Editors Choice' with his snow one! Isn't that fantastic!! Our winning pictures are at the top of this post.
Mum sad to finish with an apology though because the original of Herbie's photo was much better quality than this one but somehow we lost quality when we 'lifted' it from Doodle Times (ooops, sorry!!!)

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  1. hi teddy

    we're soooooo sorry we couldn't come to the doodle meet, but i promise we'll come back to see you again soon. the pictures look great. funny how you brothers both won with snow pictures. your more alike than we first thought. LOL see you soon handsome

    auntie Jan and brother Herbie