Friday, 13 March 2009

I've left Ben in charge!

Well I've been going to work this week so I've not been at home! I'll tell you all about that in a different post though. But it left me worried about who was going to look after mum at home because she still can't do too much with her gammy leg, poor thing. With Ben getting on a bit nowadays I was worried whether he'd be up to the job or not. Anyway, he said to me not to be so daft, he's been looking after mum for all these years he wasn't going to stop now. I think he called me a young 'whippersnapper' or something like that. Well, I have to admit that he seems to be doing a good job and mum seems happier than she was. She can hobble around a bit now too, on just one crutch for support, so things are definitely looking up! Ben moves quite slowly sometimes and I've noticed he watches mum all the time to see where he needs to be - beside her, in front or waiting behind. It's really cool but mum says it's because he's half collie and that's what collies do. Sometimes I wish I could be like that but I just get so excited and go charging round, and I forget how big I am sometimes! Mind you, Angel and Sam are just the same! It's great because the three of us doodles are getting to play together every day at the moment and I can relax and enjoy myself knowing Ben's looking after mum. I don't quite understand what's happening next week though. Mum says I'm going to stay with Kirsty, Angel and Sam while mum takes Ben in a big noisy thing called a train (I've still not seen one of them but mum promises I'll go on one in the summer) and goes down to stay with grandma - who I've not met yet either. Ben has promised to take good care of mum and I'll have to just trust him on that, but - I won't see mum for a whole week and I don't like the sound of that too much. Where will I sleep? Usually it's with Ben in mum's room. Kirsty said not to worry, that I'll be with Angel and Sam, but, well it will all be different without mum. She said it won't be for long though and the rest will help her leg get better more quickly so that she can take me out for walks again soon. Mum said she'll really miss me though and I'll miss her too. I've promised to be very good for Kirsty when mum goes on Monday. Hey - that leaves me a whole weekend of mischief to get up to first!!!!

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