Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ups and Downs on the Golf Course

Hi, Teddy here! This is me looking very handsome if I say so myself!! Well it's been a funny week with ups and downs, and in mum's case an 'up and down' that ended rather badly. But first - my excitement of the week was that the ice was back on the golf course. I LOVE ice - I love sliding on it, rolling on it, eating it......everything about it (oh, except the time when it froze in clumps on my feet and mum had to bathe it off)! On Wednesday morning I had so much fun because, not only was there ice on the golf course but my two collie friends Digger and Nell (and little Molly the border terrier type puppy of course) were there as well. We hadn't seen each other for ages and so Digger and me had a fantastic high speed chase and a romp. We were over by the trees when Digger says to me 'race you to your mum!' and that was me, I was off at 100 mph to get there first! Um, well, that's when it all started to go all wrong.
You see, I forgot to stop, then I was so excited that when she jumped into the air and then was rolling round on the ground I thought she was playing and stole her hat as a trophy, parading round with it - then Digger tried to get it too and we were tugging (with me winning of course)! Then I saw Digger's mum put her scarf down and before she could get it under mum's head I grabbed that too - yeah, I thought it was so much fun!
But then, oh dear, I realised mum wasn't getting up and she wasn't playing. I dropped the scarf and came over to see my mum because I was worried then - I didn't know what was wrong. I stood still to get my head collar on (which shows how worried I was) and Digger's mum helped mum to Digger and Nell's car because mum couldn't seem to walk. Both Ben and me were confused and I was a bit panicky then, but Ben said to just be good and do what they say and it would all be alright. That's when Ben is like a big brother to me and I'm so glad he's there. We all piled into the car, with me in the boot and Ben, Digger, Nell and wee Molly all on the back seat. It was quite funny really because we were all shouting our heads off when we passed Kirsty on her way to work with Sam and Angel - the confused look on their faces as we drove past was very funny, even mum said so!
Well to cut a long story short, as they say, mum didn't go to hospital until the next day (both Kirsty and grandma called her stubborn) and when she did she came home with her leg held straight in this thing called a splint and these two stick like things which mum said are called crutches. I could see it was hard for her to sit down so I tried to be patient and waited before I jumped all over her and gave her kisses and cuddles! Poor mum. She told me she can't take me for walks for now but I've got to be very good for Kirsty and she's going to take me out. It will be a bit strange and I'll miss going out with mum but she promised she'll be there for me when I come home again. There will be some fun though because I'm going to go to work with Angel and Sam next week! They've both said I can come but I've got to watch them to learn when I can play and when I've to be good and quiet. I've promised I'll try very hard. The best part of the day though wll be when I come home to Ben and mum and lots of cuddles. Then the most important job fo me will be to cheer mum up and make her laugh or just give her lovely cuddles because she's really fed up. She says she'll miss me but she will so look forward to that part of the day too. Well that's all for now, so byee from me Teddy (the tearaway) McDoodle!

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  1. Hi there
    I've just been in to pinch some photos of Teddy and Herbie for next week's Canine Hills, and see that you've done something to your leg! What on earth happened? Hope its not too bad.