Monday, 9 March 2009

A poem written for me (Teddy) by my mum!

Ode to Teddy McDoodle

He's a hot chocky bundle, my big Teddy bear,
with round amber eyes under thick curly hair.
In obedience he's stubborn, only working for treats,
and on lead he lunges when doggies he meets.
He runs like a mad thing forgetting his brakes;
when he goes at full pelt some courage it takes
to walk without grabbing unnerved passers-by
and there have been times when I've felt myself fly!
He's a big water baby, my canine Canute,
and although he's so crazy he's cuddly and cute.
His fleece smells of seaweed when he's sandy and damp,
He chases the cats and knocks over the lamp.
He takes over the sofa, cushions under his head,
and during the night he sneaks onto my bed.
He steals socks a-plenty, of pairs now I've few,
and sometimes it's bras and other undies too.
But where would I be without my dood friend?
For Teddy and me - we perfectly blend!

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