Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fun on doggysnaps!

My mum signed up to a Dogs Trust web site when she only had Ben, thinking it was lovely to show off Ben but also to see everyone else's dogs too. When she got me she put my picture in the Doggysnaps kennel too, and now me, Ben and mum have lots of fun on it.

The website is - have a look, it's great fun. Our kennel is called 'Jacqui&Ben' and you'll see pictures of Ben and Me, and Angel and Sam there too! We get up to all kinds of mischief and right now we're playing at being secret agents! Well, Ben isn't cos he thinks it's all silly and that we should just get on with being dogs. But I'm a LABRADOODLE and 'doodles just wanna have fun' as they say (don't know who says is but someone must!). So I'm having fun whatever Mr boss-me-around-Ben says. Also, my mum says I'm really just a baby still and I agree when it suits me. I mustn't be mean to Ben though cos he's my friend and sticks up for me when I need it AND he let me share his mum, our mum, MY mum!!!

My mum's daughter, Kirsty, is Angel and Sam's mum. They're jealous cos Kirsty doesn't play on doggysnaps anymore and so we're letting them play in our kennel a bit too!

This is a picture of me when I first came to my new family, by the way......bye for now, love Teddy.

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