Thursday, 29 January 2009

In the dog house!

I'm feeling very sorry for myself today because I'm in mum's bad books. She seems to be getting really cross with me when all I'm doing is playing. In fact one of my favourite games in the morning when we're out on the golf course is to go running up behind her when she hasn't seen me and do a kind of doggy 'boo'! I jump up at her back and bounce away so she can't catch me. I honestly don't mean to keep knocking her over though. I have fun with Ben too. I start running really fast and charge at him. Well it's not my fault he doesn't get out of the way in time and so gets knocked flat is it? I also love running away with mum's hat and gloves if I can get hold of them because she has to chase me and we have a great game then!

Yesterday mum told me off for playing chase in her bedroom (it was really fun!). It was Annie's fault, she's the really mad cat, because she was catching my tail from under the bed. I couldn't catch her from where I was so I jumped on and over the bed, then it was such fun it was like it was snowing bits of paper and I jumped all round trying to catch them (mum got really cross with me then - she said all the bits of paper were something to do with her work). Then Annie jumped out again and we had a great chase! Mum just didn't understand how much fun it all was - and I'm still just a big puppy (at least inside!)

Another thing she gets mad at me for is when we pass other dogs and I'm on the lead. It's so frustrating because I just want to play with them and, if they're a boy like me, I want to get into some rough and tumble, you know, boys stuff. She even told the dog trainer, Lynn 'the dog lady', on me at the class on Tuesday. That's just not fair. Lynn put me on two leads to show mum, one on my collar and the other on my halti, and walked around the hall past all the other dogs like that. Oh, the shame of it all for a young lad like me.

This morning though, she got 'steam coming out of her ears' cross! Mum hadn't got organised with the 2 lead thing so I was just on my normal lead when we passed Eddie, a big white German Shepherd. Well I jumped up to 'boy play' (he gives me the come-on that you humans never see) and we got tangled up and mum slipped over on the ice. I think she hurt her knee and I didn't mean it but she really yelled at me in the street. I sat and was really good, I even wagged my tail and looked cute, but it didn't stop her being cross with me though.

So that's me today - in the dog house and feeling very sorry for myself, sniff. Even Ben's not talkng to me. Think I'll go and find Annie........!

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