Friday, 30 January 2009

Mum's in love with me again!

Today has been a great day! I have been on my best behaviour because I didn't like mum being so cross with me. Mum herself had a coming and going, popping in and out sort of morning and I got very excitable and restless. Ben, on the other hand, seemed to be having a tired grumpy day and kept telling me off all the time for just being near him I think. Mostly he's active and fun but sometimes his age catches up with him. Anyway, mum told me that, if I really really behaved myself, I could go with her on the bus to her meeting and we'd leave Ben to get some peace and quiet. When she told me I sat there being oh so good and looked up at her making my eyes as big and puppylike as I could! I even put my paw up to shake hands and show how good I was and that sealed the deal!!

I was a bit restless on the first bus we went on because I was excited but it was nearly empty and mum took me to the back so I could look at the world out of the window. Wow, there was just so much going on: people doing their shopping, kids playing football, some men standing talking outside a pub, and dogs.....lots of them, and I could watch them without them seeing me! I did bark at them once when I forgot to be good for a minute but I kept quiet after that. Then we had to change buses and when we got on the second one the driver wanted to stroke me and even called me to jump up but I was keeping my promise to be good and didn't jump, even though I had to miss out on being patted by the driver.

Things got even better when we got off the bus because we popped into a little pet shop and it was like a sweetie shop for dogs with lots of different food on the shelves going all the way up the walls. There were so many tasty smells too and mum said my eyes opened so wide to take it all in. One nice man told me to sit and gave me a treat then disappeared into the back of the shop, the another man came and gave me a treat too! We went for a walk then on some grass called 'the Links' so that I could do a wee and a poo and stretch my legs until we got to where mum's meeting was. Everyone was so friendly there and loads of folk talked to me and told me how good lookng I am! While mum and some people talked away I chomped on a giant chew bone mum had secretly bought at the pet shop for me - my day was getting better and better!

Before we headed home on the bus again we met a little girl and her mum who asked if she could stroke me, so I sat nicely while she patted my head with her tiny little hand. Mum said to her to watch her crisps that she was holding but I wouldn't have touched them because I knew she was a human puppy - a wee sweetheart she was too.

Going home the bus was crowded and mum was a bit worried in case I wasn't allowed on but it was ok. We had to squeeze into the back of the bus though, but then a little bt of magic happened. A little boy, that mum said must've been about 5 or 6, with soft brown skin and a mass of curls, looked me in the eye and said "you're just like me!". Everybody laughed but he really was just so cute and gentle too as he ran his fingers through my curls. Mum gave him treats to give me and I knew I had to be as calm and gentle as I could be. The sweetest part, though, was when he asked my mum if I'd lived with her since I was a puppy and mum said I'd only lived with her for a few months. The wee boy piped up with "he's adopted then, just like me too!". Well, I'm not really a licky sort of fella but I could have licked his little face all over! He gave me such a hug too. I was quite sad when he got off the bus but then I got lots of attention from everyone else who all seemed to want to have their turn to stroke me.

Well, I'm tired now and I"ve had my tea, and mum has said she's so very proud of me. We both think it's been a very special day!

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