Saturday, 24 January 2009


Well it's me again - and I'm exhausted! My mum had me on the beach for hours, then we had a rest while she cleaned up the house, then she took us up Arthurs Seat - a very big hill in the middle of Edinburgh!! It was great fun but now I'm ready to call it a night - well almost! Me, Ben and mum took our neighbour Kerouac up to the beach too. She's another labradoodle and is Angel's half sister. It was quite a coincidence finding that she lived just down the road, especially since we all were born (me, Angel and Kerouac, but not Sam) at Jackie McLellan's kennels,, which is near Loch Lomond. Mum say's there's no such thing as coincdence but I don't want to start her off on that or she'll go on forever!! Anyway, I have to admit I was scared of her at first, even though she's smaller than me, and a girl! She barked non stop at me every time I passed her garden and when we first met she bared her teeth and lunged at me - what a girl! No wonder I was scared of her. But today, although we played rough at first and shouted at each other a bit we found out that we liked each other after all! We ended up romping in the sea and on the sand and had lots of fun together. Mum says it's just as well because Kerouac's mum is going to take me out twice a week when she's working and in exchange Kerouac is coming to the beach with us on Saturday mornings. Wow - lot's of fun times ahead! We haven't got a photo of Kerouac yet so I'll show you one of Angel - they're so alike!

Ben was happy today because I didn't jump all over him and knock him over like I usually do. He just paddled and sniffed at all the seaweed, carrying his ball the whole time. He wouldn't let either of us play with it but it didn't matter because we were having so much fun ourselves anyway. Poor old chap he's really out for the count now!
Angel and Sam seem to have had a good day too. They go to work with Kirsty and she takes them to the beach afterwards, often with all the other staff dogs,so they have a good chase. Angel was another one who scared me a bit at first but I was a bit rough with her I suppose. I forget how big I am sometimes! I wonder if I'll grow anymore? Mum say's I'll probably just fill out a bit more now I'll be even more of a big lump than I am now!! She always gives me a big kiss when she says it though. Anyway I'm off for a good long kip now.....yawn... zzzzzzzzzzz

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