Sunday, 25 January 2009

A funny old day....

Well it's been a funny old day today! It didn't start too well with me getting the blame first thing this morning for all but emptying a box of tissues all over the floor of the sitting room and pulling the plug on our internet connection. Well, I ask you, would I, MOI, do that? (like the French? It must be the poodle in me!) Anyway my mum and Kirsty had to apologise to me because it turned out to be those rascal cats having fun during the night (don't know how us canines missed the fun!). I think you can see from the pics that it's Annie (the tabby and white) who's the trouble maker!
After we'd been out to the garden for a bit and had breakfast our mum went out and left Ben and me for a while. Kirsty was there with Angel and Sam but Ben and I miss mum when she goes out. Today it was to church and she always tells us she's really sorry we can't come. Just sometmes, though, she takes Ben if she goes later on. Because he's an old man he just sleeps through it whereas I'd probably get bored and restless, she says. She's probably right but I wish I could go with her. She also says she thinks God would be very happy to see us in church too, but that a lot of people wouldn't agree. Anyway, before I knew it she was back again and getting ready to take us to the beach. It was cold but another lovely sunny day again. Sam came with us this time because Kirsty took Angel to agility (see the top pictures!). Angel's still a beginner but she's good at the jumps and loves it. She tells us all about it when she comes home, if she's not too tired that is.
Well off we went to the beach - me, Ben, Sam and mum, but when we got there I couldn't see any beach at all and giant waves were hitting against the prom. Sam and Ben weren't bothered but I jumped when the water splashed over - well, there was such a crashing noise! Mum told me all about the tides - I didn't really understand - but I got that this was 'high tide' and that the beach would come back again later. Weird though, I thought. Sadly it meant we had to stay on the lead for a while - Sam and me that is, Ben was ok running about - until we found a patch of beach further along. And then - once our leads were off - Sam and I just ran and ran and swam too. Sam is a really good swimmer and mum was throwing the ball out quite far so after a while I let him do the hard work and got the ball off him on the way back!! I had great fun then, once I was really soaked, rolling and rolling in the sand till I was covered in it and mum couldn't stop laughing! She said I looked really funny completely covered in sand and wshed she had her camera with her. Then Sam jumped on me and we wrestled for a bit and most of the sand dropped off again. Ben, of course just looks at me and shakes his head. I think he's given up trying to make me behave just like him! Anyway we all had a great time and were quite tired walking back home again. Now it's time for that snooze once again - until Angel comes back and we hear how she got on. We always get excited then. Anyway, that's all for now and mum says it's time to turn the computer off, so woofs, wags and licks from me, Teddy x

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