Saturday, 10 January 2009

My Story

My mum always says I"ve got big nose because I'm always poking it into the fridge (given half the chance), in cupboards under beds and tables, into piles of seaweed, puddles, poo...(oops, didn't mean to tell you that!!!). Just as well I like water, mum says, because at least my nose is always getting washed too!
Tonight I was poking my nose into how my mum knew I needed a new home......'Tell me, tell me mum how you knew all about me?' I asked, so this is what she told me:
she was going on a day out down the coast with Ben and was meeting our friend Linda near the shops to be picked up in the car. Well, by the crossroads near the church, Linda had said, but she didn't say which crossroads by which church - and there were two to choose from! So there was my mum walking up and down with Ben (his tail wagging with excitement) between the two crossroads, looking for Linda and her car, when she saw a lady she recognised from walking Ben and the other two doodles on the beach. The lady started chatting away and remembered mum had a connection with doodles somehow or other and said how sad it was that this person she knew of had to part with their chocolate labradoodle. That was ME by the way! Well that got mum's interest but she was in a hurry (and was still looking out for the car) so she said to the lady to phone Kirsty at her work (a local dog and cat rescue centre, so she could look up the number) and tell her, and that there was a chance that she might be able to help them find a home for me. Mum said she never really expected to hear anymore and went off to have a lovely day with Ben and Linda - though she said she couldn't get me out of her mind, hoping I would find a good home! However, this lovely lady passed on the message pretty quickly and Sylvia (my mum then) phoned up Kirsty who then told my new mum all the details and, before she new it, I was coming round to meet everyone in my new home! All I can remember then was being brought in the car and playing in the garden with Angel and Sam, and it was such fun. We tugged on rag toys, played with balls and romped around in the grass! I didn't meet Ben then because they thought it would be too much at once and he needed to meet me more 'quietly', mum said. Well that was it really - I stayed. And that was that! Actually mum's been telling me off a bit tonight because I've been being a bit naughty and won't settle down. Mum thinks it's because it's a full moon! Anyway, she still told me that when she first saw me it was love at first sight for her! I love her too and love lying down beside her - on the sofa if I can - or at least on the floor by her legs. Kirsty says I'm a real mum's boy now. I know this is a forever home and I love my whole new family.

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