Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Beach videos

Just a short note today as mum's been really busy but I wanted to share these videos of Me and Ben on the beach having LOADS of fun! This was taken last Sunday when, although it was cold, it was a beautiful morning. We were so lucky to get out and enjoy it because by the afternoon it was wild - cold, wet and windy! We met lots of four-legged friends too and had a really good chase with some of them. We actually met two dogs bigger than me - Ellie the deerhound and Moose the bull mastiff! Mum made such a fuss of them - especially Ellie - that I got quite jealous!! Later on, at home, when we snuggled up on the sofa listening to the wind outside blowing things around and having lovely cuddles, mum whispered in my ear "No need to be jealous, sweetheart, I love you very much!" (I have to admit that she followed it up with "Now get off my foot you big lump!" but never mind). I think I know now that this is my forever home!


  1. Big lump? Doesn't she know a foot-warmer when she sees it?!

    Nice blog, Teddy!

  2. Hi there! Its looking good. Excellent.