Sunday, 11 January 2009

The beach

Good morning! It's a damp blustery day today so mum was well wrapped up when she took us to the beach this morning - she had to hold on to her hat a few times though. I was waiting for the wind to whip it off her head so that I could chase it along the sand and shake it all around! I love the beach, I mean really LOVE it. Mum wasn't going to throw the ball into the water for me because I think she though it was too cold but I ran into the sea chasing seaweed anyway, just to show her it was ok. My curly coat is so thick I don't seem to notice it being cold and I'm running and jumping all the time anyway. Ben was playing in the water too. Mum worries about him ovedoing things because he's an old boy. Once, walking home from the beach his back legs gave way underneath him and he tottered sideways and nearly fell over. Poor old Ben. Mum said I was to leave him alone that day so he could rest but he was fine soon aftewards. I know my mum and Ben have been best friends fo a long time and sometimes mum gets quite sad about him being old now. I don't understand why but I clown about then to make mum laugh. Anyway, today we were out for ages and walked nearly the whole length of the beach and it was fantastic. I had a chase with a few dogs along the way but mostly it was just Ben and me this morning. Mum likes to think and 'reflect' she says, when she's walking with us, and she likes to look at everything - like the colours and textures of everything and the shapes in the clouds. Someday she wants to lean to paint but she's too busy at the moment. I hope she does. She told me today was an orange and green day, where the sand looked quite orangey and the sea was all shades of green. It changes all the time and that's one of the things my mum loves about walking by the sea, apart from all that space for us to play, that is. Mum says when the spring comes and it's not so cold for her fingers she's going to take lots of photos of me at the beach but she hasn't got many now so I thought I'd show you some pictures of the rest of the gang - Ben and the other two doodles Angel and Sam.


  1. hi teddy
    its fantastic to see you. you wont remember me, but i was very nearly your mum. i see your confused by this so i will explain.
    when your mum coco and your dad jake gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies. i was first to pick one. it was touch and go between yourself and our scruffy pup Herbie. at the last moment herbie took a liking to my husbands beard and that sealed the deal. i'm so pleased to see you have a fantastic home , with pets who obviously love you as much as i love Herbie (wild thing) mcdoodle.
    would be great if you guys could get together. ask your mum to log on to doodle times. we can be found there posting nonsense most days. you are one handsome doodle. big kiss from your auntie jan. xxx

  2. hi teddy

    you have no idea how happy i am to see you.believe it or not i was very nearly your mum. now i know that is a bit confusing so let me explain. when your mum coco and your dad jake gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies, i was first to get a peek. we know we wanted a boy and it was between you and your brother Herbie. it was a tough decision, but in the end Herbie took a liking to my husbands beard and that sealed the deal. i'm so pleased to see you have found yourself in a great home. i would love for you and your scruffy bro to meet up for a play. if your mum has time, ask her to log on to doodle times. (labradoodle forum) me and Herbie (wild thing) Mcdoodle can be found there most days. hope to hear for you soon handsome. love auntie jan. xxx

  3. you can tell i'm a newbe. sorry about the double post. i was just a bit excited to see you.