Friday, 9 January 2009

Let me introduce myself.....

Hi, my name is Teddy the chocolate labradoodle and, I suppose, this is my story - kind of! I was born in Scotland and started out as a puppy with a lovely family. Sadly, when I got to be a year and a half, they couldn't keep me anymore but promised to find me a really good home where I'd have lots of fun and get loads of cuddles. So that's how I ended up where I am now. Although I was confused at first and missed my old family, I soon grew to love Jacqui (my new mum) and my new family. Now I am very very happy living with mum and Ben, the collie/spaniel cross (he's an oldie), and the two 2 year old black labradoodles, Angel and Sam, and their mum Kirsty as well as the cats Sophie, Annie and Crystal. Oh, and I nearly forgot - a rat called Zorro! We're quite a family so I thought I'd write (with a bit of help from mum) about what we get up to.

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